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We go above and beyond.

Trading is a never ending journey – – – Take a peek at our services offered even once the training is complete!

Traders Group-Chat

Join a community of like minded individuals all looking to excel as trades whilst the support of the team right by their side!

Weekly Webinars

Take advantage of our webinars held two times a week covering any old/new material our members may be having difficulty with.

Traders Docs and Videos

Receive access to various different resources to refer to including recommended trading books, videos, and more!

Traders Group-Chat

Community of Active Traders looking for constant improvement
24/7 Chat Service and Accessibility
Weekly Watchlists
Daily Pre-Market Scanning
Weekly Follow-Ups
Trade Breakdowns and Analysis
Receive active feedback from experienced traders
Daily Market Overview and Tips

Trading Tips

Learn all the tips and tricks from some of the best in the game! We’re constantly on the look out to provide our members with only the top techniques to have the upper hand in trading.

Q&A Section

No more waiting days or weeks for your how/why questions.Having trouble with something? JUST ASK! Our team is working day and night to provide you all the answers.

Real Life Feedback

24/7 Live Feedback with out message board, provide your insight or analysis on member comments/trades.

Expert Mentorship

Receive the best assistance through your trading journey with our experienced traders right by your side.

Weekly Webinars

Take advantage of our Weekly Webinars driven to accelerate our members learning curve. No matter how advanced or experienced you may think you are, questions will always appear. No need to scavenge the internet for your how what and when questions and join these webinars for a more in depth breakdown. 

Accessible anytime, anywhere.

Getting a grasp of new trading concepts can be frustrating. Especially when just starting out. Thats why we hold these webinars on a weekly basis- directed by experienced traders committed in helping you break through any barriers in your recent trading. 

  • Breaking down past plays/trades which may have went against you.

  • Q&A Assistance

  • Variety of new topics/ techniques discussed.
  • Recorded and posted within the chat to rewatch at any time!
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What our members have to say…

  • ''Those last 4 minutes are gems, I will gratefully take that as an advice because that is exactly how I wanna see myself overall. Simply understanding every trade, the ins, and outs, & critical thinking. ( I wanna be the geek in this trading game that knows it all lol) but Just growing my account and understanding when winning a trade why did I win exactly and be proud as hell.''

  • ''LOVED this webinar as it talked about exactly what I needed to hear about the psychology part. Also helped me understand RSI and MACD. Thanks so much. Can't wait for the next one!''

  • ''Just re-watched this one. All good content, but thank goodness i watched the last 10 mins! Needed to hear that! “People panic because they watch the money”. Can’t care about that , no, buy because of the chart, patterns, vol, etc is telling you its a good play. The past videos are gold as well!''

  • ''So good!  Just watched on my flight and was both so motivational and informative! 🙂 thank you! Ready to start the week and keep at it!''

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